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John Rudolph

John Rudolph is a veteran performer of local classical and operatic music. John has done many notable operatic roles including the title role in Giuseppe Verdi's "Attila" and Basillio in Rossini's "The Barber of Seville." as well as sung many oratorio pieces, including the entire bass solo part in Handel's Messaiah, and "Confutatis Maledictus" from Giuseppe Verdi's Requiem. Many who have heard John sing recall the cliche of "the little man with the big voice." Tall and thin, John's voice is powerful enough to fill an entire room as well as the hall way outside; yet he has sustained many a soft note that can bring a chill down your spine. His ability to communicate his deep feelings in every line he sings is second to very few, and it makes him very sought out for operatic productions and concerts. John has sung with such noted groups in and around Philadelphia as the Main Line Opera Guild, Amici Opera Company and the Delaware Valley Opera Company. His favorite roles are Basilio in Barber of Seville, Attila in Verdi's Attila and Crystonian in Kate Quinn's opera Sephro.

Kate Quinn

Kate Quinn has been singing all her life, in all types of music, from folk to opera and around to classical and even some jazz. She has sung many notable operatic roles, including Mimi in "La Boheme" by Puccini and Leonora in "Il Trovatore" by Verdi, as well as some operetta roles as Arsena in "The Gypsy Baron," performed by the Main Line Opera Guild in June of 2004. Kate has sung spirituals from "Amazing Grace" to "Ave Maria"(Shubert and Bach) as well as her own compositions of spirituals and songs. A noted composer, works from her opera "Sephro" have been performed with the Main Line Opera Guild(see above caption) and BCV Artists(Bel Canto Voce Artists) run by president/singer Gerald Blanchard. This weekend, February 17th and 18th, 2007, Kate Quinn's musical "Ozona(a musical) a.k.a. "Planet Discord," will be performed in a dramatic staged reading, in which John Rudolph will also have a featured role. For more information Click HERE. Kate studies voice with Richard Johnson, a master of singing technique from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Her voice has been described as "beautiful" and "pure," and full of feeling. Many an audience member has been stirred by Kate's deliverance of a certain aria or song--she connects to what she's singing and brings it forth with such a personal touch one could almost think she were telling her own story in the piece. Kate teaches voice out of her home.
Kate is also a songwriter of music from rock to pop to folk, and a professional music writer. For more information on Kate Quinn's compositions, visit her other website, Quinn Compositions at

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